About us

OpenMTB is a network of representatives from mountain biking groups across England and Wales – including advocates, volunteer trail builders, guides, writers and more. You can see a full list of our partner trail associations here and we’ll also be profiling some key OpenMTB people on this website soon.

Picture courtesy of Julia Hobson / Endless Trails MTB

What do we do?

We have two main aims.

First, we are working with national, regional and local bodies to champion increased access for off-road cycling. It’s clear from the national survey we recently conducted with Cycling UK – and from our own experience – that the access system in England and Wales does not serve the needs of cyclists. We aim to explore ways in which this can be improved for all user groups.

Second, we are building a network of local groups – getting them talking to one another to share best practice, promote responsible riding and trail building, and raise the profile of off-road cycling. Many people are working hard to create better places to ride – and we aim to provide support, advice and the reassurance that they are not on their own.

We also encourage riders to join their local mountain bike groups. Together we have a stronger voice in official discussions than if we’re off in the woods doing our own thing.

How can I get involved?

At present we’re not a membership organisation, but you can still support our campaign activity. So far we’ve made waves with Trails for Wales, we’ve played a leading role in the UK’s largest ever off-road cycling survey, and there will be more to come.

Stay up to date by following our Facebook page or Twitter account, or signing-up to our mailing list (or ideally all three).

If you’re a member of a trail building or advocacy group, please join our network. We can put you in touch with other groups around the country to share advice and best practice, feature you in our directory of partner groups, and more. Contact us for further details.
OpenMTB committee ride

OpenMTB committee ride with (left to right) Andrew Nelson, John Horscroft, Stace King and Antony DeHeveningham.