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Ride Sheffield and Peak District MTB team up for The Advocacy Files

We all know that the Peak District and the Sheffield area are hotbeds of high-quality MTB advocacy – and part of the reason we know this is that Ride Sheffield and Peak District MTB both do a great job of letting us all know what they get up to.

And now the groups have worked together (with a lot of help from Keeper of the Peak) to kick things up another notch – producing an online resource (and real life booklet) called The Advocacy Files which details some of the great work they’ve been involved in.

advocacy files
The Advocacy Files: not really classified.

Si Bowns of Ride Sheffield wrote: “It’s great to see a growing number of riders aware of the work that Ride Sheffield and Peak District MTB do, but many are unaware of the details.  We partner with various landowners, councils, user groups and other stakeholders on a variety of different projects – those people deserve some credit too!

“We’ve split out some of the different projects to explain the process behind each one.  This should help riders to understand who owns what pieces of land and trails, which local advocacy group(s) carried out different jobs and which other groups have helped out along the way.

“There’s also a big political element to this.  Mountain bikers often get the sole blame for erosion and there’s a perception that we’re all irresponsible hooligans.  We needed evidence to demonstrate the contrary, with the Advocacy Files ticking that box perfectly too.”

You can read the files for yourself here.

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