Trails for Wales: Three things you can still do

So we’re in the final furlong, the Welsh Government consultation on its proposals to dramatically widen countryside access closes tomorrow (Saturday, 30 September).

If you like the idea of riding officially on the majority of Welsh footpaths then there are still things you can do to help make it happen, even if you’ve already responded.Rider on Snowdon

  1. Express support for the joint response from Cycling UK and OpenMTB here.
  2. If you’ve already done that, please encourage your friends to do the same, they don’t have to live in Wales – or even in the UK.
  3. Share this post in any Facebook groups, forums or club discussions that you think are relevant, giving your personal recommendation.

There’s been a very strong response so far, but this might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – and every voice is going to count. You really can help make it happen.

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